Appearance Edit

A young man dressed in simple hemp garments that made him look like an ascetic monk. However, he had a sword strapped to his back, and was so dignified and imposing, with such powerful energy, that anyone who saw him would be inclined to drop to their knees to offer worship.

Personality Edit

Chu Tiange was an extremely cruel, petty and arrogant individual. He had no qualms with murdering other people for his own gain as shown when he was willing to kill Yang Qi for Yun Hailan if she wanted him to.

Background Edit

He was fairly talented at cultivation, Capable of becoming an elite student and cultivating the Cosmic Sunflare Sword technique.

When he was age five he was capable of sensing his true energy flowing through his meridians,

By age eight his meridians had fully opened and by age nine he had reached the Energy Eruption level and could use the Hundred Paces Divine Fist to kill people and leave behind no evidence.

History Edit

Yang Qi first encounters him during his fight with the blood brigades. As Yang Qi and his friends prepare to fight against the brigade leader who was a Master of Energy and several hundred other brigades, Chu Tiange appears and kills all the brigades with a single move.


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