Demi-Immortal Institute is one of the peak existences within the Rich-Lush Continent, it’s prestige and power is only exceeded by the ruling dynasty, the Sage Ancestor Dynasty.

History Edit

The Yanhaven is one of its vassal states. The mayor can hide any truth from the masses with ease and is able to administer anything he wants. All the aristocratic families in the cities are controlled by him, and even the lands surrounding the capital fall under his jurisdiction.

Students Ranks Edit

To raise in rank students can either pay an appropriate number of contribution points or attain the correct cultivation level.

Elders Edit

Academy of Sage Studies Elders Edit

These Grand Elders administer the Academy of Sage Studies where students apply to join the College of Elite Students (Ranked highest to lowest in terms of ranking)

  1. Elder War-Soldier
  2. Elder War-Glory
  3. Elder War-Hero
  4. Elder War-Power
  5. Elder War-Gallant

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Students Edit

Holy Neophytes Edit

Conclave Students Edit

College of Elite Students Edit

Inner Campus Students Edit

Outer Campus Students Edit

Fresh-Man Students Edit

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Help the wiki by sorting these characters into their respective student ranks according to the current DeathBlade translated chapter.

Societies Edit

Courses Edit

There were all sorts of courses available in the Demi-Immortal Institute. Low-level students have to pay with merit points to attend classes.

  • Cultivation
  • Meridian theory
  • Vital energy classification
  • Pill concocting
  • Equipment forging
  • Demonlings and Devillings
  • Alternate dimensions - Class available for Elite Students

Places Edit

  • Hall of Feats and Virtue - Where Students exchange merit points.
  • Minorcosm World - Where Holy Neophytes students and Elders above Legendary Realm reside.
  • Academy of Sage Studies - Where Students go to advance category.
  • College of Elite Students - Where Elite students reside.
  • Heaven Lode Mountains - Where Conclave students and Elders in the Lifeseizing Realm reside.


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