The Legendary Realm is where there is a great transformation of one's physique. One must undergo Legendary Tribulation to successfully enter this Realm.

  1. Blood Transformation 血魄变
  2. Spirit Transformation 灵魂变
  3. Void Transformation 虚空变
  4. Five Elements Transformation 五行变
  5. Yin and Yan Transformation 阴阳变
  6. Domain Transformation 领域变
  7. Soul Divine 鬼神变
  8. Star Transformation 星辰变
  9. Immortal Transformation 不死变

Stages Edit

There are a total of 9 transformations in this realm[1][2]


1st Blood-Form Remolds the meridians, the sea of energy, blood, flesh and bones. In this transformation, the ‘blood’ refers to the literal blood, and the ‘form’ refers to the physical form. It's a fundamental transformation of incredible power.
2nd Spirit Soul Sstrengthens the mind and cultivate the divine will. In that transformation, a single thought can cause the wind to blow and the clouds to stir. By sending the divine will into heaven and earth, you can become one with nature, and understand magical laws.
3rd Space-Void After pushing the first two transformations to the limit, and ensuring that both the soul and the physical form are at the ultimate peak, you can begin to seek enlightenment of the magical laws that govern the operation of space and the void. You can create small-scale spatial dimensions, albeit unstable ones. You will also be able to travel through space, at least to some extent.
4th Five-Elements Collects the elements of the five phases, and gain enlightenment of the five convergences. When you understand the principles of mutual augmentation and suppression, you can mix the power of the five phases into your attacks. It all depends on the enlightenment of the five phases. For example, fire can negate water, water can give birth to wood, and so on. It's all very profound.
5th Yin-Yang Use the yin and yang energies that exist in heaven and earth and combine them with the energy of the five phases. By understanding the profundity of yin and yang, you can fully master this step of cultivation.
6th Personal-Domain By using yin and yang, the five phases, the power of the void and space, and a remoulded body, one can create a personal domain, a place in which you will be almost completely invincible.
7th Ghost-God Take the empyrean and baleful energies of heaven and earth and use them to create a ghost-god.
8th Astral-Star Use your energy arts to connect with the power of the stars out in the universe. Doing so, you create a small-scale universe of your own, that connects you with the universe at large. As a result, you will be able to draw powers from the void that vastly surpass your own.
9th Never-Dying By uniting one’s flesh, blood, and soul, adding in the empyrean-baleful energy, and drawing on the light of the stars, one’s body becomes incapable of dying. If you’re killed, your body will form back together, even if it was chopped up into millions of pieces. Of course, it draws heavily on your essence. Regardless, you won’t be able to die naturally and will be very, very difficult to kill.


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