Cultivation Edit

Realm Chapter Age Combat Prowess Megamammoth Particle
Energy Arts Realm 4th 1 18
5th 3 18 Energy Arts Realm 5th Level Awakening the 1st Megamammoth particle
6th 11 18 Energy Arts Realm 6th Level Awakening the 2nd Megamammoth particle
7th 21 18 Energy Arts Realm 7th Level Awakening the 5th Megamammoth particle
8th 38 18 Energy Arts Realm 8th Level Awakening the 10th Megamammoth particle
9th 61 18 Energy Arts Realm 9th Level Opening the 11th-15th Megamammoth particle
Lifeseizing Realm Primary 89 19 Lifeseizing Realm Primary Awakening the 21st-29th Megamammoth Particle
Secondary 106 19 Lifeseizing Realm Secondary Awakening the 30th-49th Megamammoth particle
Tertiary 114 19 LifeSeizing Realm Tertiary Awakening the 50th-71st Megamammoth particle
Quaternary 130 19 Lifeseizing Realm Quaternary Awakening the 72nd Megamammoth particle
Quinary 140 19 Lifeseizing Realm Quinary Awakening the 91st -99th

Megamammoth particle

Senary 160 19 Lifeseizing Realm Senary Awakening the 100th Megamammoth particle
Septenary 179 20 Lifeseizing Realm Septenary Awakening the 150th Megamammoth particle
Octonary 184 20 Lifeseizing Realm Ocnary Awakening the 200th Megamammoth particle
Nonary 192 20 Lifeseizing Realm Nonary Awakening the 260th Megamammoth particle
Legendary Realm Blood-Form Transformation 218 20 Legendary Realm Blood-Form Transformation Awakening the 1000th-2000th Megamammoth particle
Spirit Soul Transformation 241 20 Legendary Realm Spirit Soul Transformation Awakening the 5000th Megamammoth particle
Space-Void Transformation 276 21 Legendary

Realm Space-Void Transformation

Awakening the 600,000th Megamammoth particle
Five-Phases Transformation 293 Legendary Realm Five Phases Transformation Awakening the 1,000,000th Megamammoth particle
Yin-Yang Transformation 313 Legendary Realm Yin-Yang Transformation Awakening the 3,000,000th Megamammoth particle
Personal-Domain Transformation 321 Legendary Realm Personal Domain Transformation Awakening the 5,000,000th Megamammoth particle


330 Legendary Realm Ghost-God Transformation Awakening the 10,000,000th Megamammoth particle
Astral-Star Transformation 344 Legendary Realm Astral-Star Transformation 10,000,000th Armored Megamammoth
Never-Dying Transformation 364 Legendary Realm Never-Dying Transformation Same 10,000,000 Armored Megamammoth but the armors are more bright and distinct.
Great Sage Born Again Step 372 Great Sage Born Again Step Awakening the 30,000,000th Megamammoth particle
Nirvanic Resurrection Step 379 Great Sage Nirvanic Resurrection Step Awakening the 80,000,000th Megamammoth particle[1]
Eternal Sands Step 460 Great Sage Eternal Sands Step Awakening the 300,000,000th Megamammoth particle[2]
True Real Step 460 Great Sage True Real Step Awakening the 400,000,000th Megamammoth particle[3]
Light King Step 463 Great Sage Light King Step Awakening the 500,000,000th Megamammoth particle
Heavenly Workings Step 464 Great Sage Heavenly Workings Step
Planet God Step 464 Great Sage Planet God Step
Without Limit Step 464 Great Sage Without Limit Step Awakening the 740,000,000th Megamammoth particle
Epic Saga Step 465 Great Sage Epic Saga Step Awakening the 840,000,000th Megamammoth particle
Demi-Immortal Realm Lesser 472 Paragon Demi-Immortal 840,000,000th Megamammoth with 100,000,000 converted to Dracomammoth particles
Greater 486 Half-Demolishers 840,000,000th Megamammoth with 150,000,000 converted to Dracomammoth particles
Profound 508
Potent 509 Space-Demolishing 840,000,000th Megamammoth with 250,000,000 converted to Dracomammoth particles
Tyrant 534
Prime 535
Revered 535 700,000,000 Dracomammoth particles
Universal 542 840,000,000 Dracomammoth particles
Paragon 550 32 Abstrusity-Demolishing Realm 840,000,000 Dracomammoth particles get stronger
Demolishing Realm Void-Demolishing 595 Dao-Demolishing Realm 8,100,000,000 Protomammoth particles
Space-Demolishing 607 Dao-Demolishing Realm
Thought-Demolishing 637
Origin-Demolishing 637 Seer God
World-Demolishing 649 Tempered God
Abstrusity-Demolishing 660 Incarnated God
Wilds-Demolishing 670 Shattered God
Antiquity-Demolishing 679 Shattered God
Dao-Demolishing 698 Buddha God Requires 9 lineaments on Dao Fruit, each lineament being a separate level of its own
Godmyth Realm Seer God 753 Chaos God
Tempered God 769
Incarnated God 777
Shattered God 791
Nirvanic God 791
Revisionist God 803
Measureless God 803
Buddha God 817
Chaos God 825
Deathless Realm 1st Step - Step of Valor 851 Immortal Heaven's Ladder is the intermediary realm between the Godmyth and True God Realms
2nd Step - Step of Strength 917
3rd Step - Step of Wisdom 917
4th Step - Step of Endurance 917
5th Step - Step of Fearlessness 1083
6th Step - Step of Awareness
7th Step - Step of Heaven-Fate
8th Step - Step of Forgetfulness
9th Step - Step of True Void Immortal Heaven's Ladder is a ladder to the throne, which only Gods can sit on
Paragon Realm Lesser God 1234
Common God 1280
Greater God 1290
Consummate God 1291
Perfect God 1331
Paramount God 1355
Sovereign Lord 1459
Lord God/Lord Divine
Half-Step Nothing 1576
Nothing Realm


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