Remember that the fights are from Yang Qi's perspective.

Outcome Terms Edit

  • Major Win - An Overwhelming victory for Yang Qi.
  • Win - A hard-fought victory for Yang Qi.
  • Unresolved - Name says it all.
  • Loss - A hard-fought loss, meaning Yang Qi stood some chance of victory. Wasn't one-shot.
  • Major Loss - An Overwhelming loss for Yang Qi.

Fights Edit

No. Opponent(s) Outcome Type


Chapter Details
1 Song Haishan Major Loss 1 He got knocked down with a wave of energy by Song when he tried to attack Yun Hailan. Was about to be killed but spared by her. Triggered the sequence of events that led to him getting the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth Technique.
2 Luo Hun Major Loss Yang Qi got crippled 1 Got his energy arts crippled by him and tied up against a tree. Got the Strength of the Hell-Crushing Godmammoth Technique after getting struck by lightning.
3 Yang Feng Major Win 7 Challenged Yang Feng after he insulted his father and brothers.
4 Yang Kui Win 8 - 9 Yang Kui attempts to teach him a lesson in respect after he spoke rudely to Yang Shi.
5 Leader of a group of Shadowblight members. Major Win Killed Yan Feixia 12 - 13 He was traveling near the Yan River and heard sounds of fighting. Upon going towards the sounds he saw a gang of men fighting with a woman. He moved in to help the woman. 1st Kill.
6 An assortment of weak demonlings Major Win Killed 18 - 19 Hunting demonlings to further his cultivation and get cores/materials to sell for money.
7 White Ape Win Killed 20 - 22 While hunting for demonlings he hears a thundering roar. He proceeds to go towards it and ends up fighting the White Ape.
9 Chen Qing Major Win Humilliated 24 On the day of the banquet outside the city lords mansion, He gets taunted and mock-attacked by Chen Qing causing him to attack back.
10 Chen Miejin Major Win Crippled 25 Chen Qing's defeat causes him to get angry and attack Yang Qi.
11 Luo Hun Unresolved Stopped by Yan Feixia 25 - 26 Just before Yang Qi was about to cripple Chen Miejin, Luo Hun appears and orders him to stop. Yang Qi simply ignores him and cripples Miejin and thus provokes Luo Hun to attack him.
12 Chen Clan and Clan Lord Chen Dalei Major Win Some killed, some crippled, some spared 28 - 30 Yang Qi while at the City lords mansion hears that Chen Clan led by Chen Dalei and bolstered by Shadowblight members are attacking the Yang Clan. Yang Qi arrives just in the nick of time.
13 Five disciples from the House of Spring and Autumn Major Win 3 Killed, 2 Crippled 32 - 33 Four disciples from the House of Spring and Autumn attack several of the Yang Clans soldiers and demand that the Chen Clan's wealth be handed over to them. Yang Qi attacks them in response.
14 All the Chen Clan chief elders. Win Killed 37 - 39 Yang Qi ambushes the Chen Clan chief elders with the intent to wipe them all out.
15 Yang Honglie Major Win 43 Yang Honglie challenges Yang Qi to punish him for his disrespect and to purge the 'demon' from him.
16 Yang Shi Major Win Killed 43 Yang Shi attacks him from behind after seeing Honglie being trashed by him.
17 Yang Xingshi Major Win 44 Yang Qi attacks Xingshi when the latter orders him to get on his knees so he can cripple his energy arts and purge the 'demon' from him.
18 Dowager Yan Major Win 44
19 Gu Che Major Win Killed 51 - 52 Member of the Sea God Institute
20 Song Haishan Major Win 60
21 Chu Tiange Win 69 - 70
22 King Huaiyin Major Win 82 - 83
23 Chu Tiange Win Killed 85 - 87
24 Gu Fenxian Unresolved Stoped by Elder War-Soldier 93 - 94
25 Longxuan Ye Major Win 99 - 100
26 Gu Fenxian, Song Haishan, Jiang Fan Major Win 119 - 120
27 Blightking Skulkdevil and others from the House of Shadowblight Major Win Killed 125
28 Zhang Lie Major Win 125
29 King Bloodcorpse Devil Win Killed 131 - 132
30 Lei Tao, Qu Ling, Qin Hui Major Win 134
31 5 Fiend-devils Win Killed 145 - 146
32 Patriarch Frost-Drake Win 151 - 153
33 Wang Yujue Major Win 4 Institute Competition 163
34 Qiao Yihang Major Win 4 Institute Competition 164
35 Ji Haifeng Major Win 4 Institute Competition 165
36 Dong Yuting Major Win 4 Institute Competition 165
37 Cheng Yiche Major Win 4 Institute Competition 165
38 Yuan Kun Major Win 4 Institute Competition 166
39 Ao Yiyue Win 4 Institute Competition 167 - 168
40 Xie Feng Major Win 4 Institute Competition 169 - 170
41 Hua Piaomiao Hua Piaomiao admitted defeat 4 Institute Competition 170
42 Yun Hailan Win 4 institute Competition Finals 171
43 Flame Midheaven Major Win Spar 200
44 Blightking Blisscarnage Major Win Killed 209 - 210
45 More than ten Lifeseizers from the House of Shadowblight Major Win Killed 210
46 Blightczar Skyfiend Major Win Killed 210
47 Patriarch Mongolbeast Major Win Killed
48 Myriad Consortium Major Win Killed 211
49 Blightczar Manyrivers Major Win Imprisoned 215
50 Blightczar Manyshadows Major Win 219 - 220 House of Shadowblight House Lord
51 Lei Tao, Huang Hou, Xie Feng, and others from the Crown Prince Society Major Win 221
52 Grand Elder Feat-Virtue Unresolved Stopped by Patriarch Wind & Patriarch Cloud 231
53 Master Jadecrux Major Win Master Jadecrux lost an arm 232
54 Seven Preheaven Masters Major Win - Unresolved      Some crippled then stopped by the Chancellor 233
55 Grand Elder Feat-Virtue Major Win Killed 235
56 Hell Monsoon Win Destroid 240 - 254
57 Municipal Business Pavilion Major Win Killed 259 - 260
58 Five War Gods of Silvermoon Major Win 2 Killed then stopped by Lady-Princess Silvermoon 260
59 Lady-Princess Silvermoon Major Win 261
60 Silvermoon City win Ransacked and taken into the Grand Emperor's Pagoda 262
61 Great Sage Pure Emptiness Lost Yang Qi escaped in the Hell Monsoon 267 - 270
62 Jin Zhenyun Win Severely injured 276 He attacks Yang Qi during tribulations
63 Half Sage of Quake-Dawn Continent Win Badly battered 277 - 279
64 King Delirium Pan Yong Minor Win Killed 286 - 287
65 Giant Snake of the Hell Nagas Win Escaped Mercenary Squad from Grand-Wilds Mansion 289
66 Patriarch Wind and Cloud Win Injured but saved by Great Sage Quake-cloud 296
67 Seven Preheaven Masters Win
68 Three Pure Yang Elders Win
69 Grand Elder Law-Chief Win
70 Hall of Ninjas Win They were defeated and only a part of them escaped 309
71 Bronze Entity

representation of the Will of higher plane's immortal

Major Win It was integrated into Yang Qi personal domain 318 - 319
72 Ghost Emperor Yama Win Seriously injured, almost killed 319 He tried to benefit from the fight between Yang Qi and the bronze Entity
73 Nine Great Sages of the Quake dawn Cathedral Killed Their Sage Motes were integrated into Yang Qi personal domain 326 - 331 Killed during the siege of Sage Monarch City
74 Emperor Sage-Ancestor Killed His Sage Motes were integrated into Yang Qi personal domain 327 - 331
75 Chancellor of True Dragon Institute Killed His Sage Motes were integrated into Yang Qi personal domain 327
76 Chancellor of God Sea Institute Killed His Sage Motes were integrated into Yang Qi personal domain 327
77 Six Greats Sage of the Western Continent Killed Their Sage Motes were integrated into Yang Qi personal domain 327 -331
78 Crown Prince Killed Humiliated, then killed 328 - 334
79 Yun Hailan Killed Exploded 332 - 334
80 Chancellor of Demi-Immortal Institute Severely injured Invoked the Demi-Immortal Institute Ancestors to back him, so he could flee 333 - 334
81 Young Lady Starlight Killed 333 Killed while intending to stop him from killing Crown Prince
82 Seventeenth ranked killer of the Hall of Ninjas win escaped 338
83 Wilds Everlasting Killed Assassinatedl 341 - He was attacked by Yang Qi because of his attempted plot against his family
84 Emissary Red Lotus Halted Yan Wubing steward of the Holy Mother rescued Yang Qi 347 - 348 Assassination attempt on Yang Qi during the travel to Hanging Mountain
85 Di Shidao
86 Great Sages of the August Patriarch faction of Hanging Mountain
87 Mammoth Force Win Yang Qi won the bet between the two 351
88 Mammoth Force's Attendants Win two were killed 351
89 Lion Hightower Major Win Killed 365 - 367

These events take place during the immortal assessement competition in Mahanata Hell

90 Lionfolk

Great Sages

Win Killed

Wiped out

366 - 367
91 Infernalfolk Expert Major Win -Killed

-Triggered Yang Qi breakthrough to Great Sage Realm

368 - 370
92 Shark Seaguzzler Major Win Killed during their assassination attempt on Yang Qi during his Breakthrough in the Great Sage Realm 372
93 Sharkfolk Great Sages
94 Mammoth Force
95 Mammothfolk Great Sages
96 Horsefolk, Leopardfolk, Rhinofolk Great Sages
97 Ape Elektrospace Major Win Killed 374
98 Ape Purgemalice
99 Mammoth Manyvoids Major Win Killed during the epic last battle of the competition 376 - 380
100 Finest Magic
101 Stunning Beheader
102 Ninja Unity
103 Wilds Primeking
104 Infernal Wave Win -Severely injured


105 Chief Lion Major Win Killed 385
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