If others do not offend oneself, one should not offend others. If others were to offend oneself, one should give others three points. If they still continue... One should pay back two fold.
— Yang Zhan[1]

Yang Zhan is the father of Yang Qi and the patriarch of the Yang Clan.


Yang Zhan is a slim male with long light brown hair and yellow eyes. He's usually seen wearing a white Shenyi with green markings and green hems, all above a black inner vest with similarly green hems and a green hair band.


Yang Zhan is a laid-back individual and very well composed. However, he has a goofy side which usually transpires around his son, his actions become almost childlike. Despite that, when the time calls for it, Yang Zhan could become very serious and responsible, which is part of his duty as the patriarch of the Yang Clan.

Background Edit

Twelve years prior to the beginning of the series, Yang Zhan watched his son Yang Qi growing stronger and stronger by day. Yang Qi asked him what it takes to be the strongest under the heavens and Zhan answers that it takes for one to have no match in any other man. Superior to everyone.[2]

History Edit

Yang Clan Meeting Arc Edit

Yang Zhan is first seen when Yang Qi arrived at him as requested. Qi then asks for forgiveness however, Yang quickly goes to the boy and examines him, questioning how he healed so fast much to the latter's annoyance. Qi finds out the Yang was betrayed and offers his experienced, saying he's a "saint of love". He then decides to help Yang with both his love life and his Qi Gong. He then tells Xiao Yan to notify the clan about a meeting to be held in three days time.[2]


  • Yang Zhan's name could be derived from the artist by the same name.


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