the ancient records of the Demi-Immortal Institute did speak of an alternate dimension of devil-gods, who, long ago in primeval times, had invaded one of the continents above them, bringing it to catastrophe. It was none other than the fabled God-Devil Apocalypse.

The continent in question was the Yore-Wilds continent. At the time, the Rich-Lush Continent was a tiny part of that ancient continent, as insignificant as a drop of water in the ocean. As for the Quake-Dawn Continent that Ghost Emperor Yama had spoken of, it was another part of the former Yore-Wilds Continent. However, it was much larger than the Rich-Lush Continent, and had much more abundant resources. The living beings from there were unbelievably powerful. chapter 182

The original continent that the Rich-Lush Continent and Western Continent belong to before the God-Devil Apocalypse occurred.

A fragment of the Yore-Wilds Heart is said to exist at the centre of the Rich-Lush Continent.

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