Yun Hai Lan is the princess of Yun Hai Cheng and was Yang Qi's lover. She is the current holder of the Fu Lan Dong.[1]


Hai Lan is an attractive young female with very long beautiful blue hair that contains several purple highlights, and equally blue eyes that are adorned with purple eyelashes. She wears fancy dressing fitting of a princess, which consists of a halterneck purple dress with gold symbols at the stomach. She also dons arm wearings of the same color and gold hems.


Hai Lan is kind and composed, merciful and manipulative to say the least. She had no remorse whatsoever in using Yang Qi to get her hands on the Fu Lan Dong which indicates an evil character.[1]However, she did show mercy when she asked her cousin Song Hai Shan to lay off Yang Qi after being beaten severely. During her act, she acted as a king and sweet girl, convincing Qi with her acting that she is in love with him.[2]

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