Yun Hailan was the princess of the State of Yun, formally known as Yundale-by-the-Sea. She was second-in-command of the Crown Prince Society and one of the main antagonists in the beginning of the novel.

Appearance Edit

A young woman with a spectacularly beautiful face. She had fingers as beautiful as ivory and is also a #bitch.[2]She was never in love with Yang Qi. She always used people like the Crown Prince and other affiliates to get what she wanted. She was a #bitch to the core and thought she could escape Yang Qi's wrath as he was not powerful enough. The only reason she let him live, was because he was so weak that she pitied him

Personality Edit

Yun Hailan was extremely arrogant and manipulative. She felt she was better than everyone, including even the Crown Prince, and that everyone and everything was in the control of her schemes.

To her, everyone was either a tool or potential tool for her benefit.

She had a talent for scheming, manipulating, and being able to somewhat see through most lies and plots. Yet, her extreme arrogance, where she felt that she had no potential threats that needed to eliminated, led to her downfall.

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Trivia Edit

  • Yun means cloud, Hai means sea, Lan means mountain mist, mountain haze, vapour, etc.
  • Yun means stupid (in the language I made up). Hai means ugly bitch (in the language I made up).


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